Rotary Phase Converters



Australian made-Australian designed-Australian supported


  • VolTrak , for a balanced 3 phase output supply
  • High efficiancy design  98.5%  tested by Dept of Water Western Australia.
  • FaultTrak, text display, eliminates the guesswork when something goes wrong
  • LoadTrak , tracks output load/s & turns converter Off or On, without control wiring !
  • NeuTrak , balanced output supply to neutral
  • Specialized protection breaker with larger unit
  • Vermin proof,  Don’t think its important ?
  • SiteNet,  Ethernet enabled , remote monitoring-remote diagnosis-remote operation via the net to ANYWHERE
  • Delivers full starting & running torque when sized correctly
  • Produces a smooth sine wave
  • IS  NOT a Variable speed drive, & does not contain high speed switching devices
  • No Harmonic currents
  • Two wire control / Single wire multi motor control
  • Thermal overload protection , All models

check C-Tick approved



  • VolTrak , superior voltage balance =  lower running costs.
  • FaulTrak , tells the operator what the fault is = lower down time.
  • LoadTrak, reduces control wiring headaches= lower installation costs & running costs.
  • NeuTrak , no modification to machine wiring
  • Designed to keep vermin out! = Don’t underestimate what damage a mouse can do in a control cabinet !
  • SiteNet,  product support direct from the factory to you where-ever you are.
  • Field Serviceable, NO “all in one controller” separated components = field serviceable : [  capacitors switching-power supply-P.L.C-transducer etc ]  , as specified  by major O.E.Ms and govt authorities
  • Site condition adaptable – NO ” one size fits all controller”, parameters , setting can be adjusted on site to suit conditions , as specified by major O.E.Ms and govt authorities.
  • Screened cables NOT required
  • Several three phase loads can be used from the output
  • Lower cost , size & efficiency of three phase equipment

Download Rotary Product Information Here

Rotary converters are suited to Single or multi motor loads & non rotating loads, three phase equipment can be used in any sequence or order up to the converter rating.

As the converter is a linear devise it produces a smooth sine wave & can be used to supply equipment control circuits, control transformers, P.L.Cs, V.S.D”s  & control circuit components , so no need to modifying your equipment or compromise on performance.

Models R15 > R75 are now “Ethernet enabled” via  SiteNet  so remote from site fault diagnosis , software updates,  parameter modifications , field voltage reports and many other features are now available, as a result we  can offer superior product support from our premises to anywhere that WIFI or GSM is available.

They are also fitted with a integrated web server for monitoring  / control via PC  smartphone or tablet.

H.M.I display & Ethernet enabled