Many of our converters are used as front line equipment in small to large rural and remote ventures and downtime can be a costly and frustrating event.If you have WIFI or access to GSM , landline or any communication method that uses Ethernet we can offer factory support no matter what your location.



A Example of customer benefit :a  R37/480a was used to supply fruit / vegetable processing equipment and had been in service for approx 10 years with no problems , we got involved as the customer had some additional processing equipment to add to the converter load and we advised that the supply and the converter had capacity to operate this, the equipment was installed and commissioned however the three phase motors kept tripping on thermal overload.

With SiteNet we can access the field conditions and could advise the customer that the supply input voltage to the converter was outside the legislated value at 518 VAC (480VAC 1 phase +/- 6% ) thereby supplying over voltage to the three phase motors and saturating the iron core and causing them to trip on thermal overload , parameter adjustments where also made to the converter program to lower the output voltage to better suit the 400 volt three phase motors.  Problem Solved !

SiteNet can be  programmed / used for any electrical equipment that requires remote monitoring or control