FaultTrak, Eliminates the guesswork when something goes wrong

We don’t believe in the concept of “One size fits all ” with regards to controllers, settings / parameter may have to be altered to adapt to field conditions or in some cases new programs to adapt to demanding applications .. all possible with FaulTrak.

In most cases our rotary converters are used in some remote locations & very often form the front line piece of equipment in rural businesses operations, so we understand that correct installation, maintenance, & accurate fault diagnosis all form part of long term trouble free operation.

To achieve this end we have developed the FaultTrak fault text display system in our POLYPHAZ rotary converters

This system gives the operator a clear indication of the fault & operational status of the converter by way of a text display which forms part of the control system of the converter, also if you have a problem with the power supply or the converter… you want to get it fixed … fast, with the Faultrak display it tells you what the fault is ! … no more guess work.


  • Provides the best protection in adverse and isolated locations.
  • Built-in Hour meter , reduces downtime by flagging operator when maintenance required.
  • Tells operator what the fault is !!
  • No more guess work if something goes wrong.
  • NEW Indicates in percentage loading of converter.
  • “One size fits all controller?” settings need to adapted to suit field conditions .. possible with FaulTrak
  • Your protected ! 16 protection features like, low supply voltage, start fail , off delay re-start , … to name a few.