NeuTrak balanced output supply to neutral

For some time now we have been offering the VolTrak system as standard equipment from R/15 rotary converters up as a standard feature with good customer feed back , this system gives a asymmetrical supply across phases ( balanced voltages across the three phases ) however there is a increasing demand for a balanced output supply with reference to neutral e.g.: on a 415 volt three phase system you would have
L1 > neutral 240volt, L2 > neutral 240volt, L3 > neutral 240volt.

A/C units and a growing amount of machine tools will not operate with unbalanced voltage to neutral , as a result of this we can now offer the NeuTrak system as a option form rotary converters R/15 up.


Rotary converter have a higher voltage to neutral on the generate or center phase usually in the order of x 1.73 & as three phase motors do not reference to neutral this is not a problem , however in the cases of machinery that has supply monitoring this can present a problem also machinery that has several motors on different phases and several types of specialized machinery.

Neutrak Case Study

Vinlines mobile bottling plant is made up of a mix of single & three phase loads totaling aprox 11kw , it is not practical to rewire the bottling plant to suit the output of the converter therefore a balanced output phase to phase is required but more importantly phase to neutral is also required, with the NeuTek option this can be achieved.