LoadTrak, Auto start/stop control system, no control wiring

LoadTrak …. Eliminates control circuit nightmares

LoadTrak has proven to be most useful option for the POLYPHAZ rotary converters in installations that require several three phase loads over short or long distances to be operated from one converter with no control circuit feedback from each three phase load to the converter to indicate three phase power is required.

If you can imagine a rural installation with several types of three phase loads in use downstream from one converter & these three phase loads are required to operate at will from one rotary converter you have four options:

  • Have the converter run continuously
  • Run control circuits back from each three phase load to the converter
  • Start the converter manually when three phase power required
  • Ask for the LoadTrak control option when ordering your POLYPHAZ converter

The LoadTrak system monitors the three phase output supply cables from the converter and starts/stops the converter when three phase power is required, NO additional control wires to run. NO slave relays. NO dramas !