VolTTraker Supply Voltage Optimisation

Australian made-Australian designed-Australian supported

VolTTraker reduces downtime
Modern power equipment rely on a stable supply voltage to operate at its best , that’s where the VolTTraker comes in , power utilities are legislated to delivery voltages at +6% and – 6% variation ( averaged over a five minute period ) and in many cases the equipment will not operate or shut down at these levels.

VolTTraker saves money
Its not JUST about downtime !, substantial cost saving can be achieved by delivering to the site location the correct supply voltage to achieve the optimal efficiency , remember … a small variation in supply voltage can result in a large increase in power consumption .. that’s high or low voltage.Overvoltage can saturate the iron core of motors making it inefficient and consuming more power , under voltage will not provide the energy to the motor to enable it to do its work again making motors inefficient and consuming more power. Cost savings in the region of 20% or more can be made when the correct voltage is delivered to site.

VolTTraker prolongs equipment life
Overvoltage and undervoltage reduces the equipment life

VolTTraker Australian designed , Australian made, Australian supported
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D.E.C Case study Narragin Western Australia 2012

This is one of our smaller single phase case studies and we used this to indicate the benifits of this technology is not just for the larger installation, at this location voltage variation low voltage as well as high voltage was a regular event but within Western Power specs however shutdowns where a regular event prior to the installation of the VolTTraker unit

The single phase input supply voltage varied from 442VAC to 508 VAC , a steady 480 VAC supply was required to operate the equipment, this is acheived within a 20ms time frame with no interuption to the power supply.

Twin Lakes Manjimup W.A , Brad Ipsen:

We fitted the VoltTracker on Saturday to our electrical circuitry after many problems with our refrigeration equipment constantly tripping out on low voltage.
The new compressors that we have fitted and upgraded to in the last 3 years all come with electronic controllers and are much less tolerant if volt irregularities than the older mechanical type.
Ironic more efficient motors equalled greater requirement for constant power feed.
After consulting with Peter from POLYPHAZ we decided to install a VoltTracker.
Sunday was the first day that I haven’t had to reset and restart the ice machine for months and months.
We could run all our equipment without any alarms and faults even in the very hot weather we have had this week.
Previously when it gets above 34 degrees we would swap equipment over to a diesel genset to take the load off. Not this week and we have been at full capacity all week.
Only wish we had this machine 3 years ago. Regards Brad Ipsen

This site is supplied by 2 x 50 KVA single phase pad mounted transformers feeding a POLYPHAZ R75/480c rotary converter under full load in input power consumption is 145Amps @ 480 VAC single phase.

Under full load conditions the voltage drops from no load 502 VAC to 452 VAC and starting down to 440 VAC thereby making the operation of this voltage sensitive equipment unviable, with the VolTTRaker fitted this provides a constant 480 VAC supply under all conditions , reducing down time , reducing energy consumption, and reducing operational costs.