Harmonic Mitigation


Harmonics are unwanted frequency components , harmonic currents reduce your system capacity and result in the failure of sensitive equipment, overheating of switch gear and cabling and create nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.


Solutio010ns to Fit Your Requirements

There are a range of products and methods we can offer to mitigate the effects of harmonics and some may or may not be right for your application the first step is to get a “Power Quality Audit “  to evaluate your situation and get from us a tailored solution.

** We are independent and as such are not tied to one manufacture or solution, we can offer the best solution if suit YOUR application .


What Are Harmonics?

Harmonic voltages and current in an electric power system are the result of non linear electric loads, harmonic frequencies in the power grid are a frequent cause of power quality problems.

The affects of harmonic in your network are:

  • Premature failure of your equipment and components
  • Overheating
  • Increased system losses
  • Erratic operation of equipment
  • increased power costs


What Is Active Harmonic Filtering?

Active Harmonic Filtering mitigates these through an on-going system of monitoring and intervening.

Continuous Monitoring

ThinkstockPhotos-186238171Many modern systems require flexibility due to constant load and network changes.

Our solution continuously monitors your network and injects exactly the right amount of compensation current at exactly the right time.

We are a Horizon power contractor .