Operate  THREE  phase equipment from Your  SINGLE  phase supply

                                                                                            With the Award winnng

                 POLYPHAZ  Single phase to Three phase converter         
Made in Australia   for the World market since 1987 & benefit from our experience

                 VolTTraker   supply voltage optimisation , a stable supply voltage ... single or three phase   

                           POLYTRANZ  three phase to single phase transformers    SOFTPHAZ  single phase 480v soft starting pump motors


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 POLYPHAZ   Rotary Phase Converters

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Technical data   -    Installation software and technical library

   Floating pole rotary converter
   NeuTrak, Balanced output supply to neutral
   FaultTrak, Eliminates the guesswork when something goes wrong
   LoadTrak,  Auto start/stop control system, no control wiring
   Capacitor switching and why we use contactors
   Voltrak , balanced output voltages

  POLYPHAZ   converter  technical  case  studies

  Efficiancy  in focus   Case study             ** low power consumption and high efficiency **
  Harmonic problems solved  Case study
  Submersible pumps and POLYPHAZ

 POLYPHAZ   Case   Studies

  Machine tools
  Center pivots
  Olive farms

Dairy farms  , Automated dairy farm , Vermin proof

  Water treatment

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VolTTraker supply voltage optimisation

stable supply voltage .. single or three phase

POLYTRANZ 3 phase to single phase

415VAC phase to 240VAC 1 phase

SOFTPHAZ single phase motors

soft starting 480VAC single phase pump motors