POLYPHAZ  Single to three phase rotary converters


Narkoojee Wines   Gippsland Victoria

A R37/480a was used to power all three phase equipment on site via a 25 KVA 2 wire supply transformer from Powercor, three phase equipment used are:

Vintek wine press , refrigeration to chill wine, bottling and wine processing equipment.

Reading taken on site 27/7/2011

Supply input voltage at converter under load: 481 volts single phase

Output three phase voltage from converter under part load:

L1 > L2: 414volts, L1 > L3: 415volts, L2 > L3: 408volts

Result: 1% voltage output asymmetryy three phase

Output single phase voltage from converter under load to neutral: L1: 240volts, L2: 236volts, L3: 238volt

Result: 1% voltage output asymmetry single phase

Input voltage: 481volts @ 28 amps , output converter voltage ( averaged across phases): 412volts @ 20amps, input power consumption

W =VxAxPF, 481x28x.99= 13333.32 watts input power consumption part loaded.

W=VxAxPFx1.732, 412x20x.99×1.732= 14128.96 watts output power consumption part loaded.

Efficiency = input/output = 94%

Castle Rock Estate  Porongurup, W.A.

We re-visited Rob Diletti at Castle Rock estate recently , for approx 15 years the R75/480  has been in use operating a range of three phase wine making equipment and refrigeration plant.