Submersible Pumps and POLYPHAZ


Submersible pump Case Study

Oldland vineyard estate Dunsbough W.A

Irrigation is a big consumer of electricity, power costs & down time are important considerations when making equipment selections.Some other phase conversion methods can produce up to 40% power loss in harmonic distortion, what this means to the end user is you pay 40% more in power costs

To follow a case study of a 7.5 kw submersible pump operating from a 480 volt single phase supply via a R/22/480b POLYPHAZ rotary converter.

Readings taken 13/03/2004

Supply volts: 490volt single phase
Supply amps: 23.3amps

Output voltage averaged across phases : 414.6 volts
Output amps averaged across phases: 14.6amps

What these figures mean to the end user

  • High efficiency
  • No harmonic losses to pay for
  • Up to 40% saving in electricity compared to other phase converter methods

How we achieved these results

  • Floating pole rotarys with converters R/15 >
  • Voltrak system
  • Product design