Harmonic Problems Solved Case Study


Bantry Bay Vineyard “Power harmonics .. problem solved”  Margaret river Western Australia

They needed to upgrade the irrigation to 3 x 22kw pumps operated via one of the existing VSDs to control pressure and needed to utilise the full capacity of the supply transformer , we offered the R/75/480U rotary converter to convert the 480VAC single phase supply to 415 volt three phase to supply a “off the shelf pump system” with standout results in the form of efficiency, voltage & current asymmetry with none of the effects of harmonics apparent.

How we achieved these results:

  • Six stage VolTrak system, that ensures high efficiency through good voltage asymmetry throughout the load spectrum.
  • Floating pole rotaries ( FPRs ) coupled with modified rotors ensure:
    1) High efficiency
    2) Low circulating currents
    3) Lower power costs
    4) Low harmonics throughout the load spectrum
    5) High power factor
  • NO high speed electronic switching devices used to switch capacitors.


Input readings

 Supply voltage no load:  481volts
 Supply voltage full load:  481volts
 Full load current @ 465volt single phase:  150amps

Output readings

Output voltage asymmetry
L1>L2    409
L1>L3    403
L2>L3    395

 Pump 1 current reading  Pump 2 current reading  Pump 3 current reading
 L1    34amp  L1    37amp  L1    34amp
 L2    32amp  L2    32amp  L2    34amp
 L3    34amp  L3    36amp  L3    34amp

Bantry Bay revisited 2013

After 13 years of operation and a replacement of the pump controller the POLYPHAZ converter in still in use visit our YouTube site to review: