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Olive Oil processing case studies  Single to Three phase POLYPHAZ  rotary converters


York Olive Oil Company

The York olive oil company required three phase power to operate the olive processing equipment, however three phase power was many kilometers & many thousands of dollars to get connected so a POLYPHAZ rotary converter R/37/480b was installed to operate all the equipment at this rural location limited to a single phase supply source.

This converter uses the VolTrak system to provide a balanced output supply as required by many modern processing equipment , the following figures where taken on site with their site electrician Tony Swain , installation date 1999.

This demonstrates the efficiency & effectiveness of the VolTrak system (voltage asymmetry) coupled with the Floating Pole Rotary (current asymmetry) to achieve the current asymmetry required by the olive equipment manufacturer.

Converter current readings under load: L1: 29amps, L2: 31amps, L3: 31amps
Converter voltage asymmetry under load: L1 > L3: 420volts, L1 > L2: 413volts, L2 > L3: 428volts

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