Machine Tools


Quickbolt, Coal drill bit manufacturer (Queensland)

Three phase power was out of the question to operate this serious rural business in remote queensland, a total load of nearly 40HP was required to run this operation with some expensive and demanding power requirements required as well, a balanced three phase output was required across phases and to neutral is required to operate the FANUC controller for the vertical machine center of approx 20HP as well as the 18HP Ajax CNC lathe.


KS Cabinets (Wooroloo W.A)

KS Cabinets were faced with a high cost to get three phase power to their Wooroloo location to operate various three phase woodworking equipment, i.e.: Panel saw 4kw, air compressor 4kw, thicknessor 4kw, dust extractor etc.

The POLYPHAZ converter proved to be the most viable option.


Perry Engineering Shepperton (Victoria, Australia)

After re-locating from an area serviced by three phase power getting three phase power at this rural location to operate the 10hp lathe & 5hp milling machine as well as several smaller machine tools came as a shock.

An R/22/480 rotary converter was used to operate all the machines in any order or sequence to maintain a viable machine tool enterprise.


Daylesford Machining Shop (Daylesford, VIC)

Three phase power was out of the question at this location so a R15480 rotary unit was selected to operate this one man machining & mechanical repairs shop, rotary converter in background mounted on wall.