Single to Three phase POLYPHAZ Rotary Converters

Lake Toolibin is located approx 250 Km from Perth Western Australia , three phase power was required to operate 2 x 11kw compressors , 1 x 7.5kw pump operated by a Danfoss VSD , however three phase power was many Kms away & very expensive to get connected.

A POLYPHAZ rotary converter was selected as the most cost effective solution.The converter operates continuously with compressors cycling off /on load to supply compressed air to the AIRWELL pumps , both pumps supply the tank with salt water which in turn is pumped out of the tank via the 1 x 7.5kw pump.

The VOLTRAK option was required as a good voltage asymmetry was necessary to operate the VSD & to get the required performance from the air compressors at this location, installation date approx 1993.  Since 2010 a VolTTraker unit was also installed to provide a stable 480volt input supply.