Dairy farms


Automated dairy farm, Mt Gambier South Australia powered by POLYPHAZ single to three phase rotary converter.

Mt Gambier dairy farm South Australia

This Automated dairy runs 24/7 and as such reliability , easy site fault diagnosis , and low power consumption , Vermin proof were all on the top of the list for this type of application.

Installed at Mt Gambier South Australia, this had a high specification with regards to three phase and single phase power output voltage , power consumption / losses, and short circuit fault rating.

“The POLYPHAZ unit is running very quiet and is much quieter than the small 2.2kW Vacuum pumps that are in the same room as the POLYPHAZ unit.

The Dairy Farmer is very impressed with the unit.” 15/9/2011

Site test results taken 15/9/2011 , model: R37/480C:

POLYPHAZ converter output three phase voltage: L1 > L2= 418v, L1 > L3= 429v, L2 > L3= 426v.

POLYPHAZ converter output single phase voltage: L1 > N = 237v, L2 > N = 244v, L3 > N = 243v.


Load snapshot

Input power consumption: L1: 26amps , L2: 25amps @ 479volts
Input 1 phase watts: W= V x A x P.F= 479 x 25.5 x .99= Watts: 12092.35

Output power consumption: L1: 13amps, L2: 18amps, L3: 16amps , averaged: 15.7amps
Output 3 phase watts: W= V x A x P.F x 1.732 = 424 x 15.7 x .99 x 1.732 = Watts: 11414.28

12092.35 – 11414.28 = 678 watts

YouTube no-load bench test result

Results :

 3 phase voltage asymmetry:  2%
 1 phase voltage asymmetry:  2%
 loaded converter losses:  678watts
 Efficiency loaded:  95%
 unloaded converter consumption:  455 watts
 Short circuit fault rating:  25 KA
 Power factor  .99
 C-tick approved  yes

These results are impressive, particularly the low power consumption from a 37KW or 50HP capacity rotary converter capable of 6 x F.L.C multi motor starting, the end user gets the benifits of a rotary converter without the downside of power consumption, this is achieved by using our unique floating pole rotary’s and maintaining the Power Factor at unity throughout the load spectrum while maintaining a relitively high fault rating of 25 KA.

A high short circuit fault rating is important and often overlooked particular in larger installations like this, for example if a fault accures downstream of the converter and the converter is supplied by say a 100 KVA transformer with a high fault level
a low fault rated converter serves as a expence fuse in the event of a short circuit fault.


Hillas Dairy Victoria

Using three phase refrigeration was the most cost effective from initial cost and power running cost point of view however three phase power was many kilometers away and many thousands of dollars to get connected , the POLYPHAZ converter was used for its high efficiency design , low running costs , field diagnosis , field serviceable and is site condition adaptable.

Moonaralla Dairy ( Revisited 2010 ) Albany Western Australia

Western Australia’s largest dairy to date powered by a POLYPHAZ single to three phase converter, (install date approx 1999) .

Three phase power at this location was very expensive, clearly the most reliable & cost effective option both for running costs, initial outlay & from a maintenance point of view was to have all three phase equipment to operate the dairy.

Suitable single phase equipment was available to operate the dairy, however it could not be operated at this location due to the increased power consumption of the single phase equipment & was not cost effective in comparison to the converter & three phase equipment combination.


Peter Simini’s dairy Bussselton

We revisited this job after about 3 years of operation on the 11/11/2010