Water Treatment


Beaufort Water Treatment Plant, Victoria

The rural town of Beaufort was limited to a single phase power supply but required three phase power to run approx 32 kW of load to operate the treatment plant, an R/37/480c rotary converter was specified by the consultant.

A POLYPHAZ R37/480b was specified by the Electrical Engineering consultant as a cost effective and viable solution to the problem, as the plant is unattended most of the time remote monitoring and remote resetting of the converter in the event of a problem is required and of course reliability is paramount as interuption to the town water supply is not a option.

We worked with the switch board builder NILSEN to build the POLYPHAZ converter contol system on to one of thier MCC base plates to fit into a form2 MCC cubicle.

Total three phase load of the plant is approx 34KW @ 21/7/2010 , to date its been in operation approx 5 years.