Efficiancy in Focus Case Study

POLYPHAZ High efficiency rotary converter Case Study Lake Toolibin Narrogin Western Australia We are often asked about power consumption of our converters, efficiency, voltage asymmetry, current balance, etc. so we thought Read More

Harmonic Problems Solved Case Study

  Bantry Bay Vineyard “Power harmonics .. problem solved”  Margaret river Western Australia They needed to upgrade the irrigation to 3 x 22kw pumps operated via one of the existing Read More

Submersible Pumps and POLYPHAZ

  Submersible pump Case Study Oldland vineyard estate Dunsbough W.A Irrigation is a big consumer of electricity, power costs & down time are important considerations when making equipment selections.Some other Read More

Machine Tools

  Quickbolt, Coal drill bit manufacturer (Queensland) Three phase power was out of the question to operate this serious rural business in remote queensland, a total load of nearly 40HP Read More


  Water Corporation of Western Australia remote pumping station at “Yerecoin Western Australia” This remote site was limited to single phase power but required a reliable single to three phase converters Read More

Center Pivots

  Center Pivot three phase Irrigation from single phase power with a POLYPHAZ converter Warning Standard rotary converters may not be suitable to operate center pivots, if you are purchasing Read More


  POLYPHAZ  Single to three phase rotary converters   Narkoojee Wines   Gippsland Victoria A R37/480a was used to power all three phase equipment on site via a 25 KVA 2 Read More

Castle Rock Estate

We re-visited Rob Diletti at Castle Rock estate where the R75/480 POLYPHAZ single to three phase converter has been in operation for more than 15 years operating a range of Read More

Olive Farms

The York olive oil company required three phase power to operate the olive processing equipment, however three phase power was many kilometers & many thousands of dollars to get connected so a POLYPHAZ rotary converter R/37/480b was installed to operate all the equipment at this rural location limited to a single phase supply source.

Dairy farms

  Automated dairy farm, Mt Gambier South Australia powered by POLYPHAZ single to three phase rotary converter. Mt Gambier dairy farm South Australia This Automated dairy runs 24/7 and as Read More

Automated-Robotic Dairy Farm or VMS

Automated-Robotic Milking System powered by  POLYPHAZ  single to three phase converter Hicks V.M.S dairy required three phase power to operate the Delaval Automatic Milking system in Denmark Western Australia. Three Read More

Vermin Proof

We learnt the lesson years ago , if you are designing electrical equipment to be used in a rural environment it has to be vermin proof . Dont underestimate the Read More

Water Treatment

  Beaufort Water Treatment Plant, Victoria The rural town of Beaufort was limited to a single phase power supply but required three phase power to run approx 32 kW of Read More


  Jah Roc Furniture We recently revisited this job on the 11/11/2010 , approx 3 years ago they moved from York back to Margaret River and set up the workshop with Read More


  Bootleg Brewery, Margaret River W.A revisited 1993>2010 Bootleg brewery revisited … after 17 years of service the POLYPHAZ R37/480 is due to be upgraded. With the recent review of Read More


  Single to Three phase POLYPHAZ Rotary Converters Lake Toolibin is located approx 250 Km from Perth Western Australia , three phase power was required to operate 2 x 11kw Read More


Twin lakes are located in Manjimup Western Australia; three phase power from the power utility was out of the question to run the three phase cool rooms to chill the broccoli at Read More