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Our main business activity was machine tool automation, control system design & automation combined with electrical contacting , this often lead us to requests to modify machines to operate from single phase power , unfortunately machine conversions did not always prove to be the best way to approach the problem, we used several types of phase converters with varying success & could see very clearly that if we could develop a converter that matched our customers needs it could be a viable business as the converter in many cases formed a front line activity in a rural business operation.
We made a decision to reinvest capital each year to improve & further develop our product .. the time & money spent has paid off over the years:

  • 1993 Dowerin Field day award ” Best new Release”
  • 1994 rotary converter drive & rotor re-design to improve phase relationship
  • 1996 start controller re-design to improve reliability in poor voltage areas
  • 1996 worked with our capacitor supplier in Europe to double micron layer of capacitors to match our design specifications & suit the demanding rural field voltage conditions
  • 1997 improved converter control options ,auto start , single wire start.
  • 1998 developed the VolTrak system to provide a balanced three phase output to meet the demands of modern equipment
  • 1999 released the second generation rotary phase converter.
  • 1999 C-Tick approval ( N 10944 ) for both Static & Rotary converters
  • 2000 released the LoadTrak control system for rotary converters
  • 2002 released the FaultTrak system for rotary converters
  • 2004 Released the NeuTrak system that provide a balanced voltage to neutral
  • 2004 released the Floating pole rotary , this redefines the rotary converter & sets the bar high
  • 2005 opened office in Timaru New Zealand
  • 2006 Released wireless control for rotary converters
  • 2009 Power quality audits and reporting for regonial power utilities
  • 2011 High efficiency / Low power consumption rotary converter
  • 2015 SiteNet  – Ethernet enabled rotary converters,  remote access-remote diagnosis-remote monitoring from anywhere.

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